Where is Cloudy Bay?

Real Time Tracking

We have activated a Delorme Inreach Explorer satellite tracking device, which reports our position on regular intervals while we are on the move. You can track Cloudy Bay’s location (or ours, if we travel inland) at https://share.garmin.com/SailCloudyBay to see our last known position.

Random (almost) Real Time Tracking

On long passages, we activate the IridiumGO to get weather forecast.  When we are connected, our boat location (and speed, if we are underway) is updated hourly on Cloudy Bay’s PredictWind tracking page at forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Cloudybay

Other Tools

We use an AIS transceiver, and anytime our AIS signal is picked up by a shore-based station, our boat location and speed is updated to services like Vessel Finder or Marine Traffic. Get them on a browser or mobile app.

s/v Cloudy Bay - boat location via Vessel Finder or Marine Traffic