Cruising 2017 – Greece

by Oana
2017 sailing season, cruising Greece

Early 2017 (Feb-April) we spent in Almerimar, Spain, to do an extensive refit on the boat (see separate article Refit Project – Almerimar).

Then June was the actual start of our sailing season for the year, with a technical stop in Palma, a short stop in Malta, and then three months in Greece. Cruising Greece has exceeded our expectations. We fell in love with Greece, especially with the unspoiled by tourists mainland coast.

We enjoyed the no swell anchorages (quite a difference in comfort, compared to Western Med, where we were rocking all the time). Sailing-wise we had some good days, but we did a lot more motoring than last year. At the end of September we left Greece from Santorini, and returned to Gibraltar via Palma (for yet another technical stop).

Full details and photos from our trips are on our Facebook page Sail Cloudy Bay


Refit1: Almerimar, 1-15 Feb
Refit2: Almerimar 16-Feb to 8-Mar
Refit3: Almerimar 9-Mar to 26-Mar


Victoria, Malta, 21 June
Shetland clan onboard, 22 Jun
Valletta, 23 Jun 2017

Sicily, Syracuse:

Gozo to Syracuse, 24-25 Jun

Cruising Greece:

Syracuse to Corfu, 26-28 Jun
Scooter trip Corfu, 29-30 Jun
Corfu with Emma, 2-10 Jul
Corfu, Levkas, Cephalonia, 11-31 Jul
Cephalonia, Zakinthos & Ithaka, 1-8 Aug
Gulf of Corinth, 11-18 Aug
Delphi and mountains trip, 17 Aug
Athens, Evia island & Gulf of Volos, 19-26 Aug
North Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, 27 Aug-3 Sep
Sporades: Skiros, 3-5 Sep
Northern Cyclades: Andros, Tinos, Mikonos, 5-9 Sep
North & Mid Cyclades: Mikonos, Tinos, Delos, Paros & Naxos, 10-15 Sep
Cyclades: Mikonos, Paros, Ios, Thira; 16-25 Sep
Back home: Santorini to Gibraltar, 25 Sep-14 Oct

We are looking forward to return to Greece, for a much thorough exploration. But that will only be after we return from our big adventure around the world.

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Des Rogers July 14, 2021 - 3:28 pm

Hi folks,
We are planning a refurb project, similiar to what you had carried out in Spain, on our HR 53.
Our intention is to head west to the US east coast having completed the Med .
Would you recommend any or all of the specialty trades you engaged to have the major works carried out ?


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