Relaxed verging on bored!

by Glen

Friday 10 Jan, BHS day 11, Dunmore Town: The wind is still howling at 25+ in the gusts. And it’s shifted a bit south, just enough that we are not quite so sheltered anymore. But compared to the 3-5m seas crashing on the eastern side of Harbour Island, we are still quite cozy, thank you.

We go ashore for a stroll through the town again just to exercise our legs and get off the boat. We stop briefly at the local mini market which is surprisingly well stocked. Then we visit the gardens and pool of The Landings, which seems to be an iconic restaurant for Dunmore Town. Followed by a visit of Valentines Resort grounds. Both nicely done but not at their best on this cloudy blustery day.
Before we head back to Cloudy, we note the bar in Valentines Marina actually has a few people in it so we sit for a beer. Which becomes a beer and conch fritters that are quite yummy and surprisingly reasonably priced… or maybe we are just getting used to the exorbitant prices around here!

The rest of the afternoon and evening we sit on Cloudy Bay as she bounces and sways in the strong wind. Oana’s cold has now turned to a nasty cough. She is really suffering and I feel for her. I’m sure she’s not going to get much sleep tonight. However, she still finds energy to cook a wonderful curry and also makes a special cake. She calls it a biscuit salami. It’s a yummy concoction of crushed biscuits, raisins, cranberries, cocoa… all soaked in a generous amount of dark rum 😊 That sends us to bed happy!

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